Enhanced Septic System Treatment

About the Company

The team at Clear Pod Inc. became aware of the inadequacies of septic systems through a water challenge issued by the New England Clean Energy Council Institute (NECECi) and US Environmental Protection Agency. The result was the development of a drop-in solution designed to significantly improve septic system performance. The ClearPodTM system is an environmentally sustainable solution for septic system wastewater treatment that is focused on removing key Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphate based contaminants.

Developed and tested in partnership with leading academic research groups, the drop-in solution works synergistically with bacteria already present in the system to more effectively remove nutrients and contaminants.

The end result of which is an effluent water stream that is more suitable for discharge to your leach field, resulting in reduced biomat formation, and reduced contamination of surface and groundwater. This can be translated into significant economic savings for the homeowner and significant improvements to local waterways and environment.


pkiely image Dr. Patrick Kiely – Company Founder
Dr. Patrick Kiely is an environmental microbiologist with over 15 years experience in the fields of molecular microbiology, microbial ecology and next generation wastewater and bio-energy applications. His academic research has focused primarily on the study of microbe-surface interactions. Key discoveries have been related to the identification of novel genes and processes associated with the colonization of the plant rhizosphere and human epithelial cell lines and characterizing the diverse communities present on electrodes of bio-electrochemical systems. He has developed unique processes for reducing resources required to take complex technologies from bench to market by incorporating key aspects of business development, IP landscaping, economic / technology modelling and bench to pilot prototyping. He has developed water solutions for a variety of private and public (NASA, EPA, NSF, U.S. Army) partners.

As founder and CEO of Bright Water Technologies he is developing a company that functions as a catalyst for water technology innovation. In this role he has developed partnerships with key academic and industry partners to identify and validate next generation solutions in the water space. The ClearPodTM solution is the first product translated to a commercially viable and environmentally sustainable solution by Bright Water Technologies.


academic-image Dr. Roland Cusick – Academic consultant.
Roland Cusick earned his B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Riverside (2005), and holds an M.S. (2010) and Ph.D. (2013) in Environmental Engineering, both from the Pennsylvania State University. His honors include receiving the W. Wesley Eckenfelder Graduate Research Award from the American Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (2013), the Penn State Alumni Association Dissertation Award (2013), and the Dow Sustainability Student Challenge Award (2012).

Dr. Cusick has research interests in resource recovery from liquid and thermal waste streams and sustainable wastewater treatment. His primary research areas include nutrient and energy recovery from wastewater using microbial electrochemical technologies, electrochemical energy production from natural and engineered salinity gradients, and sustainable sanitation technologies for the developing world.


Phil Streets – Industrial Designer
Phil Streets is an Industrial Designer with over 10 years experience in product development. He has worked closely with a range of design and manufacturing partners across a number of industries to bring high quality product development and award winning products to global markets.

He collaborated with Bright Water Technologies to bring his expertise in design and concept development. Drawing upon his experience of key manufacturing processes he has focused on developing valuable and efficient product solutions for Bright Water Technologies, the first being the CleardPodTM system.

He is the owner of Cube81 Design, a business that brings a multi-disciplined approach to product design and development.  www.cube81.com  Phil has an extensive track record of delivering original, innovative and successful design solutions to market and is proud to have been part of the ClearPodTM development.